Exploring Deccan & Coast

Places Covered: Mumbai, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Bidar, Bijapur, Badami, Hampi, Goa

Number Of Days: 17

Mumbai for two days

Feel the perpetually pulsing pulse of the largest metropolis. A city with stunning modern gothic and Art Deco structures, fantastic museums, a flourishing artistic community, and a lot of character. Join the populace in their everyday pursuits of joy, amusement, and delicious cuisine.

02 days

Ajanta and Ellora, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will be investigated on a guided tour. The craftsmanship, magnitude, splendour, sculptures, and historical importance of these prehistoric caverns are unmatched.

For three days, Hyderabad

Due to its location at the meeting point of North and South India, the fabled city of pearls is a significant historical location. The city is mostly noted in its reports for its riches, legends, and extravagance.

For one day, Bidar

The unremarkable village of today was formerly the capital of the Bahmani empire. A lovely fort, graves, and a distinctive silver filigree art on stone called Bidri are all that are left as reminders of bygone times.

One day in Bijapur

Tonga is a lovely town with highly stunning Islamic-style structures, which is best appreciated when riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Gol Gumbaz, a large structure covered by a single dome whose acoustics are praised in marvellous words, is the centre of attention.

02 days in Badami

Three unique locations—Badami, Pattakal, and Aihole—tell a key story about the development of South Indian style temple building, from early rock-cut structures to later, ideally proportioned Dravidian masterpieces. A tour of all

3 days in Hampi

Hampi, one of the largest ancient ruins in the world, serves as a reminder of the once-powerful Vijayanagara Empire. There are enormous temples, statues, walls, and bazaar ruins everywhere, all across a terrain with stones and a river. This location would best be appreciated through a combination of guided excursions, bicycle trips, coracle rides, hikes, and independent explorations. It’s difficult to not be amazed at this place.

Goa for three days.

Goa has functioned as a port city for several powerful empires at various points throughout history. However, Goa is mostly visited for its vast tropical beauty, beaches, fantastic Portuguese-influenced cuisine, and leisure. The tour is over.


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