Explore India Tour

Cities Covered:Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Khajuraho, Orchha, Gawalior,Jaipur

Days: 11 Days

New Delhi, 2 Days

Delhi, which has been rebuilt eight times throughout history by dynasties and empires that created India, is the ideal starting point for your historical trip. a blend of enjoyment, education, relationships, and investigations.

Jaipur, 2 Days

A city that was born precisely at the end of the Mughal Empire, preserving many intriguing cultural customs, composite living, an appreciation for art, and continuity over the most violent periods in Indian history.

Agra, 1 Day

Agra, which served as the majority of the time as the capital of Mughal India, is home to many of the most impressive structures, tombs, palaces, and forts from the Mughal Empire. These structures speak for themselves. There are plenty more all across. We’ll assist in joining.

Gwalior, 1 Day

One of the well-known Maratha citadels that for a short time stood in the region between colonised India and Mughal India. The city is far older, and the old structures and related tales both attest to the importance of this place.

Orchha , 1 Day

An historic town with lovely old palaces, cenotaphs, and temples sits on a peaceful riverbank.

One day in Khajuraho

A magnificent collection of old Hindu temples in the North Indian architecture depict the social life that prevailed before the Islamic era and its impacts via carvings. Due to their isolation, these temples were spared from the looting although many other structures of a similar kind located elsewhere in North India were not so fortunate.

02 days in Varanasi

A city that symbolises the timeless, timeless, old, and enduring aspects of Indian culture and its ideas. a combination of strolls, boat excursions, talks, and other activities to experience the sensory overload, subconscious insights, and private spiritual space that this historic location on the River Ganga has to offer.

For one day, Delhi, then depart

The tour will come to a close with a flight back to Delhi, some downtime, and a transfer to the next stop.


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