Discovering Gujarat

Places Covered: Ahmedabad, Little Rann, Bhuj, Great Rann of Kutch, Gondal, Gir National Park, Palitana, Velavadar Wildlife Sanctuary,

Number Of Days: 16

Three days in Ahmedabad

We’ll help you with the walking tours of Ahmedabad’s historic district so you can learn about the city’s residents’ shared communal spaces, interdependence, and tradition of sharing street food till quite late at night.
Beautiful structures constructed in the Indo-Saracenic style, bazaars, the riverbank, and Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram will all be included in the city’s tourist excursions. Yo’ll go to the magnificent Calico Textiles Museum and the elaborate Adalaj stepwell on a different day.

For two days, Little Rann

Attractive Bohra Houses Muslims in the area of Sidhpur, Patan’s elaborate stepwell, and Modhera’s historic Sun Temple will all be visited throughout the journey. Little Rann Sanctuary Jeep Safaris to View the Rare Wild Ass

For four days, visit Bhuj and the Great Rann of Kutch.

Adapted existence has forced individuals to practise a variety of unique textile skills like needlework, organic dyeing, and block printing amid a vast, desolate-looking environment of salt marshes and parched grasses. A harsh and breathtaking terrain. Bhuj is a historic town with several magnificent palaces and regional markets.

02 days in Gondal

Feel the waning grandeur of a former princely town, complete with palaces, orchards, vintage-era furnishings, and well-preserved ensembles. With its stunning structures, caverns, rock cut inscriptions, stepwells, palaces, tombs, fort, and temples, the surrounding town of Junagadh is even more remarkable.

02 days in Gir National Park

Along with other animals and birds, the Asiatic Lion lives in a huge open environment made up of trees, meadows, and lakes. The joy will be sighting them during morning and evening safari hours from open-top jeeps.

For three days, visit Palitana and Velavadar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Interesting combination of Saurashtra’s landscape. the thrill of ascending 3000 steps to a mountaintop temple complex with 800 Jain temples. exploration in the city of Bhavnagar. Open safaris in the vast grassland wilderness of Velavdar, famous for its blackbucks, hyenas, and numerous bird species. The tour is over.


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