How to pack for a trip to India: What to bring and what not to bring

Today, you may purchase many items in India that you can also purchase at home. However, there are certain goods that are either pricey, difficult to find, or unfitting. Here is a list of essential items to bring with you when visiting India.

  • A carry-on luggage and a backpack or daypack. You will be relieved that you can easily carry everything you packed on your back, unless you are travelling five stars exclusively. Because of the traffic, there will be moments when the cab can’t go any closer to the railway station than a 10-minute walk, so you’ll have to get out and walk.
  • a spinner or roller carryon bag. Rather than bringing a full-sized backpack, I only take a daypack and a carryon. For me, this combo functions better. To learn more and gain some advice, read our article about hardside carryon bags.
  • Really comfortable, durable walking shoes. India frequently has poor infrastructure. The sidewalks and roadways are like a rough obstacle course, and occasionally an open sewer will dump its disgusting contents in your direction. You should wear closed-toed footwear.
    sandals for walking. These will be your go-to shoes because it’s difficult to find strong, well-made, and comfortable walking sandals in India.
  • Flip-flops. for the beach, the shower, the area around your hotel, and other well-known locations. Avoid walking barefoot in India.
  • Bathing suit. Finding a nice assortment of swimwear for Indian ladies is difficult because they don’t typically wear them. The ones from abroad are also very pricey.
  • Tampons, sunscreen, hair conditioner, deodorant, and Deet insect repellent. I advise carrying all of them with you because the quality may not be as good as it is in India.
  • A bag made of sheets. for travelling by rail in India and staying in shady hotels.
    high-quality wire and suitcase locks. To secure your luggage to your train or bus seat, you must be able to utilise the cable.
  • Take heat-resistant probiotics (one daily), oil of oregano or GSE (grapefruit seed extract), rehydration salts, tea tree oil, and homoeopathic remedies for breathing and digestion problems to stay as healthy as possible while travelling.
  • Lenses solution and contact lenses. India might not have what you’re looking for.
    prescription medicines In India, almost everything is accessible, however it might not be precisely the same.

Checklist on what to bring when visiting India

  • Find out the most recent information about immunizations, antibiotics, and anti-malarial drugs.
  • Activated charcoal capsules and sachets of ORS (oral rehydration salts). These will be your closest buddies if you do end up with Delhi belly. Keep in mind that dehydration is what causes you to become ill.
  • Small packs of Kleenex or tissue and tiny bottles of hand sanitizer. I always have them in my purse when I go. You’ll immediately realise why they’re both crucial.
  • Headphones and earplugs. You will need them, I can assure you of that. India is a loud country!
    a power adaptor.
  • Headlamp or a sturdy little flashlight (for reading on the train and power outages)
    Spray for bed bugs Resteasy
  • Towel with a quick dry. For this, there are 101 uses. A piece of fabric or sarong is also helpful.
    monetary belt Although I seldom used it, I was nevertheless happy to have it.
  • You can quite securely carry a daypack or a little bag. For congested settings like bazaars and train stations, the type that has a broad strap and goes under your armpit is ideal.
  • Refillable water bottle. Don’t contribute to India’s environmental issue with plastic bottles.
    little thermos I have a wonderful little thermos that I nickname the “bullet.” While driving, I fill it with tea.
  • Linen bag with mesh.
  • Modest attire Wearing skimpy clothing in India is actually not a smart idea. Although I am aware that some individuals do it, I find it to be dangerous and insulting. When in Rome, as they say. Indian clothing is reasonably priced, vibrant, and cosy, and it fits the culture and environment. Indians will recognize your efforts to cross cultural barriers and demonstrate respect, and they will be even more accepting of you.

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Items available in India

You must be aware of the items you MUST NOT bring while preparing for a trip to India. I suggest purchasing a few items from India since they are either more affordable, better suited, or of higher quality.

  • You can get a lot of fantastic clothes in India that is appropriate for the temperature and culture, aside from shoes, underwear, bras, pants, and a swimsuit.
  • India is unrivalled for bling, whether you want costume jewellery or expensive gem and gold jewellery. In any price level, you may discover stunning jewellery. Just take care when purchasing authentic items. Make certain you are purchasing from an established jeweller.
  • Face wash, lip balm, creams, lotions, and other amenities are virtually entirely purchased in India.
  • Shawl, sarong, and scarf. There is no place where you can discover a wider range of sarongs, scarves, and shawls than in India.
  • Shawl, scarf, and sarong. When travelling, sarongs, scarves, and shawls are quite useful, and India has the widest selection.
  • Glittery sandals You’ll want to buy every pair of jewelled flats that you see in shops. But be warned that they are frequently not all that comfy.
  • The embroidered bags in India are interesting and useful, especially for shopping and the beach, despite the fact that they are neither really safe nor practical.
  • A sun canopy. Carrying an umbrella is very helpful, and you can get one in India that has a special coating that blocks the sun’s rays.

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